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TIC+ Reception & Counselling

Online counselling is a text chat service which is compatible with smart phones, tablets and computers.Online counselling uses software developed by Click4Assistance - a secure and encrypted platform. 

  1. If you haven't already done so contact us to give us your details. Or give your details to our online receptionist by pressing the ‘TIC+ Reception & Counselling’ button in the bottom right corner of our website during our office open hours. Reception is active when the button is green and says 'Open'. If the button is orange and says 'Closed' please re-try during our office open hours or try calling instead.

  2. For mobile, PC and tablet click on the ‘TIC+ Reception & Counselling’ button, then enter your unique client code or 'Reception', this gets you to our virtual waiting room.

  3. If you have made a referral you will now be asked for your password and you will then be transferred to your online counsellor. If you have not already made a referral, the receptionist will take your details. 

If you have trouble accessing the TIC+ Reception & Counselling contact us and we will try our best to help you. 

For further details on Online counselling opening times and who will be counselling you, please see the Online Counselling page.

Online Counselling

I just wanna urge anyone who feels they need to talk to someone to do so. The guys at TIC+ are fantastic and believe me I’d be loads more messed up if it wasn't for their support. Take that first step. Even though it’s hard it’s worth it. James, aged 17

All stories and quotes are real, however the names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.


Who we work with

  • All Saints' Academy
    All Saints' Academy
  • Barnwood Park Arts Academy
    Barnwood Park Arts Academy
  • Bredon School
    Bredon School
  • Five Acres High School
    Five Acres High School
  • Newent Community School
    Newent Community School
  • NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group
    NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group
  • NHS 2gether Trust CYPS
    NHS 2gether Trust CYPS
  • Pate's School
    Pate's School
  • Rednock School
    Rednock School
  • Winchcombe School
    Winchcombe School
  • Severn Vale
    Severn Vale
  • Cleeve School
    Cleeve School