Deb was our amazing HQ volunteer when she completed the Tewkesbury Half Marathon for us!

She raised a brilliant £473.10

Deb’s story is as follows:

“I started running a year ago, for no other reason than running a marathon in my 40’s was on my bucket list. I had entered the ballot for London 2018 so, having not done any running worth mentioning, I thought I probably should do some training.

After my first lap around The Park in Cheltenham, I had not thought it possible for a face to turn so red and I won’t even mention my heart rate!! Competitors who mastered 26.2 miles in the heat of London 2018, looked possibly ‘a little glow-y’ compared to me.

But I really, really enjoyed it. So I ran more and more. I downloaded a training plan and stuck it on the kitchen wall. I can say without a doubt that running has improved my physical and mental health. Occasionally I wake up feeling overwhelmed about the day ahead, or feel grumpy and cross; running makes me feel better.

There have been so many reports recently about how young people, now more than ever, are facing challenges with their mental health. I hope that, whatever a child or young person is facing, they always have someone to turn to.

Gloucestershire charity TIC+ (Teens in Crisis) provides face-to-face and online counselling services for young people aged 9-21 and their families. Since, 1993, they have been supporting children with issues such as depression, anxiety, bereavement, bullying, anger, relationship problems, low self-esteem and self-harm.

I volunteer for this amazing charity and am running my first half marathon to help raise funds so that no young person is ever turned away.

Why £250? £250 is what it costs to fund one young person through the TIC+ service; from the first time they pick up the phone to ask for help, sessions with a counsellor who has specialist experience working with young people, to their valuable feedback, analysed to make sure the service provided is of the highest quality.

Anything you can give will be very much appreciated. Thank you.


Huge thanks to Deb and all her supporters for their kindness.