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  • Action for Chilren

    'We make life better for children (and their families).'
  • Active Gloucestershire

    01452 303 528 

    Helping young people in Gloucestershire get fitter, healthier and feeling good about themselves by getting involved in sport and physical activity.
  • Advisory Centre for Education

    Providing independent advice and information for parents on education issues, including bullying, special education needs and exclusion.
  • Allsorts

    Allsorts is a friendly and welcoming charity that supports children with any disability or additional need and their families. We offer a wide range of services for the whole family, with an emphasis on having fun and supporting each other. We realise that individuals have differing needs, and we try to adapt and respond to what members say they want. Most of our Coordinators and Trustees have children of our own with disabilities and additional needs. Together we build an inclusive and positive community that brings out the best in us and in our children.
  • Anorexia and Bulimia Care

    03000 11 12 13

    ABC provides personal care and support for anyone affected by anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and all types of eating distress. 

    - The relief of suffering for those with eating disorders

    - To encourage and assist others to care for sufferers

    - To educate, train and advise those caring for sufferers as well as carrying out preventative education

    - To promote research into eating disorders and research into treatment and/or cures and to publish the results
  • B-Eat

    03456 347 650

    Offering information, advice and helplines for anyone affected by an eating disorder.
  • Barnardos

    Transforming the lives of the most vulnerable children across the UK through their services, campaigning and research expertise.
  • Barnardos

    Support and advice for parents.
  • BBC Advice

    Advice and resources to help you get through life, from BBC Radio 1.
  • BBC Bitesize

    Learning and revision resources for children and young people aged 5-16.

I just wanna urge anyone who feels they need to talk to someone to do so. The guys at TIC+ are fantastic and believe me I’d be loads more messed up if it wasn't for their support. Take that first step. Even though it’s hard it’s worth it. James, aged 17

All stories and quotes are real, however the names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.


Who we work with

  • All Saints' Academy
    All Saints' Academy
  • Barnwood Park Arts Academy
    Barnwood Park Arts Academy
  • Bredon School
    Bredon School
  • Five Acres High School
    Five Acres High School
  • Newent Community School
    Newent Community School
  • NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group
    NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group
  • NHS 2gether Trust CYPS
    NHS 2gether Trust CYPS
  • Pate's School
    Pate's School
  • Rednock School
    Rednock School
  • Winchcombe School
    Winchcombe School
  • Severn Vale
    Severn Vale
  • Cleeve School
    Cleeve School